Unlock the culinary creativity in your little ones with our exciting Cooking Events for Kids! From Pizza Pazza to Gnocchi Galore, join us for hands-on cooking classes that inspire your chefs to explore flavors, learn new skills and have a blast in your own kitchen.

Our fun experiences are the perfect activity when your kids have their friends over.

It can also be the perfect family activity so you connect with your kids while having fun with Chef Giacomo!



In the scenic landscape of Tuscany, amidst vineyards and olive groves, Giacomo's culinary passion ignited with the mentorship of his parents, Vasco and Gabriella. At their rustic family eatery, Giacomo fervently apprenticed, learning from Vasco's mastery of Tuscan flavors and Gabriella's tales of culinary heritage. Guided by these influences, Giacomo envisioned crafting an experience that bridged cultures and brought people together through the shared enjoyment of food.


Attending our Kids & Family Cooking Events is a delightful experience for both children and parents alike.

Here's why you should join us:

Hands-On Learning
Our events offer hands-on cooking experiences where children can roll up their sleeves, get messy, and learn valuable culinary skills in a fun and interactive environment.

Creative Exploration
From crafting homemade pizzas to shaping gnocchi and creating fresh pasta from scratch, our events encourage creative expression and exploration in the kitchen.

Culinary Education
Led by experienced chefs and instructors, our events provide educational opportunities for children to learn about ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural cuisines.

Teamwork and Collaboration 
Children have the chance to work together with their peers, fostering teamwork, collaboration, and social skills as they prepare delicious dishes together.

Fun and Memorable Experiences
Our Kids Cooking Events are designed to be enjoyable and memorable, creating lasting memories for children and families to cherish.

Healthy Eating Habits
Through hands-on cooking experiences, children gain a deeper appreciation for wholesome ingredients and nutritious meals, encouraging healthy eating habits from a young age.

Boosted Confidence
As children successfully prepare and enjoy their culinary creations, they gain confidence in their abilities and develop a sense of accomplishment.

Quality Family Time
Our events provide an opportunity for families to bond, laugh, and create special memories together while sharing the joy of cooking.

Join us for our upcoming Kids Cooking Events and let the culinary adventures begin!